Useful MySQL Commands

Below is a list of very common MySQL/MariaDB commands that any developer should know by heart. Export MySQL Database mysqldump -u username -p database_name > dump.sql Import MySQL Database mysql -u username -p -h servername database-name < data.sql Login MySQL Database mysql -uusername -p Create MySQL Users CREATE USER ‘username’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database . tablename […]

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Connecting to Ubuntu Servers With RSA Keys

I manage a bunch of internal servers and for those that aren’t part of the wider web I like to use key pairs to speed up my sign ins and maintenance. Key-Based SSH Logins Key-based authentication is the most secure mode of authentication usable with OpenSSH. Key-based authentication has several advantages over password authentication, for example

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Useful Command Line Scripts

Below is a list of very common linux commands that any linux person should know by heart. From gzipping files, to running backups this is my personal cheat sheet Compressing Files and Folders Unzip 7z Archive 7za x myfiles.7z gzip File gzip -9 file gzip Folder tar -zcvf archive-name.tar.gz directory-name Uncompress Gzip File gzip -d

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Basic Linux Commands For Managing A LAMPP Server

Frequently I am asked by clients for details on how to manage a lampp server. While I do not recommend that clients who are not familiar with systems mess with the core system there are a few simple tasks that anyone can do to back or restart basic systems. Let’s get started. First you need

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Key PHP Developer’s Tools

Development Tools Netbeans – Dreamweaver for UI Flux is good too and much cheaper (OSX Only) TextWrangler for just simple text stuff (OSX Only) or if you’re a PC person go with Notepad++ Filezilla FTP for uploading and downloading to servers Google Chrome‘s built in developer tools rock or Firefox with Web Developer

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