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Are You Sabotaging Your Agile Workflow? The Critical Role Management Must Play for Success

I believe that poor management can sabotage our Agile workflow. I understand that the success of Lean/Agile methodology depends heavily on the role of management. Servant leadership, cross-functional collaboration, and team empowerment are crucial components to ensure productivity and delivering value. Here are some ways management needs to change.

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How Agile transformed a “Command and Control” management to a collaborative and efficient workflow

Transforming a “Command and Control” management to an Agile workflow requires a shift in mindset. Servant leadership, cross-functional collaboration, and a culture of continuous improvement empower teams to focus on delivering value. The result? An efficient and collaborative workflow. Ready to make the shift? Embrace Agile and transform your team’s productivity today.

ChatGPT and Laravel

Did you know you can use #ChatGPT to generate #laravel code? As I work to explore AI and what it can do, I’ve created a Server provider using the AI. In this example, you can see the prompts and the responses from ChatGPT. It’s pretty amazing.

AI and Software Development

In recent years, there has been a massive surge in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies across all sectors of industry, including software development. The impact of AI on the industry cannot be ignored, and it is essential that developers adapt and embrace AI-enhanced tools to remain competitive. The rise of AI-enhanced …

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What I Use 2023

Each year I post what technology I use on the daily. Here’s to 2023! So without further ado, the list: Daily Driver: MacBook Air M2 This is hands down the best computer I’ve owned. No fans, superfast, just sooo good >.< In My Pocket: iPhone 13 Pro While not my favorite iPhone, it’s fast and …

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Coaching Your Development Team to Tackle Unfamiliar and Difficult Tasks

Discover effective coaching strategies to guide your development team in embracing unfamiliar and challenging tasks. Learn the importance of fostering a growth mindset, providing support, and cultivating a safe environment for continuous learning. Empower your team to navigate complex projects confidently and drive your project’s success with these agile coaching techniques.