Key PHP Developer’s Tools

Development Tools


Dreamweaver for UI

Flux is good too and much cheaper (OSX Only)

TextWrangler for just simple text stuff (OSX Only)

or if you’re a PC person go with Notepad++

Filezilla FTP for uploading and downloading to servers

Google Chrome‘s built in developer tools rock

or Firefox with Web Developer and Firebug Addons installed


The most important thing is, use a framework. Not only does it allow you to work faster, but it also gives you access to a community, as well as forces you to use best coding practices.

Kohana (Unofficial Wiki for Samples)

optionally CakePHP is excellent

optionally CodeIgniter is good –

as is the Zend Framework –


JQuery UI

Key thing with JQuery is the ThemeRoller!!! –

Also, check out the Hosted JQuery with Google CDN or Microsoft CDN

JQuery plugins





Other Misc Javascript

TinyMCE –

Google Closure Compiler for Shrinking Javascript files –

Source Control

SVN (free)

SVN (free)

Other Stuff

I also use to test with Linux – Here’s a guide to setting it up:

ConvertIcon for making favicons –

Kuler – for making great color choices for your layouts –

W3C Markup Validator – make sure your code is correct

JSON Parser

What do use as a developer that is missing from this list??? Post a comment below.