Top 10 Android Apps to install on a new Android device

In the past I’ve done FOSS list for Windows, not that I’ve moved onto Android, here are my top 10 picks for app everyone should have installed on their phone/tablet.

Apps Suite: Google apps

Gmail App: The default email client on Android is good, but there is a different, gmail specific one. It has some nice features that the built in one is lacking.

Gmail on the Play Store

Google Calendar App: Similarly to the Gmail app above, there is a Google Calendar specific app.

Google Calendar on Play Store

Google Drive App: This app gives you access to add, edit and upload files to your Google Drive. Easily edit documents, spreadsheets and share.

Google Drive on Play Store

Google Voice: Great app that replaces your voicemail. It will transcribe your messages, email you alerts and forward/screen calls.

Google Voice on the Play Store

Web Browser: Google Chrome

The default browser you install on your Android is a personal preference thing. I find that Google Chrome syncs to my desktop and runs really well on my phone. It actually replaces the built in internet app on newer devices.

Google Chrome on Play Store

Task Manager: Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an amazing task management tool. Add task from your desktop or device and it syncs and reminds you in a well designed and feature full app.

Wunderlist on Play Store

Audio Player: doubleTwist

The built in player on my Samsung was pretty bad and the Google Music app has a muddled user interface. doubleTwist is a really amazing audio player. Clean and clear UI makes for a really enjoyable audio player.

doubleTwist on Play Store

Cloud Storage: Dropbox

Dropbox is really the first to get it right. With a generous amount of free storage, you can setup you android to sync all of your files to the cloud and down to all of your devices.

Get a DropBox account

DropBox on the Play Store

eReader: Amazon Kindle

There are lots of free ereaders – but the whisper sync that syncs you current reading place make Kindle my default app.

Kindle on Play Store

Remote Access: AirDroid

This app is pretty cool. It gives you access to your Android over the internet. You can access the drive, download logs, send and receive text messages.

AirDroid on Play Store

Bookmarks: Pocket

Pocket has become a must have for my desktop and phone. Share or save any web site to Pocket and get a wonderful cleaned up reader version of the web page. It also runs offline!

Pocket on Play Store

Photo Management Apps

There are a number of great apps that all do different types of things to photos.

SnapSeed and Pixlr Express – both of these apps make adjusting colors, adding borders and general photo editing a snap.

SnapSeed on Play Store

Pixlr Express on Play Store

Photo Grid – use this app to combine multiple photos into wonderful collages. I like to use this before I post to facebook or instagram

Photo Grid on Play Store

Skitch – Skitch is amazing for adding text, arrows,  and drawings  to any image.

Skitch on Play Store

Instagram – One click image sharing to a number of different services.

Instagram on Play Store