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Mastering Contractor Management for Efficient Project Success in Software Development

Efficiently managing contractors in software development is a balancing act. It’s about setting clear expectations, ensuring budget adherence, and maintaining control over project scopes. This responsibility rests on the company’s shoulders, fostering efficient projects while safeguarding financial resources. Transparent communication, budget monitoring, and cost-efficient solutions are key. Master the art of contractor management to achieve software development success without breaking the bank.

What I Use 2023

Each year I post what technology I use on the daily. Here’s to 2023! So without further ado, the list: Daily Driver: MacBook Air M2 This is hands down the best computer I’ve owned. No fans, superfast, just sooo good >.< In My Pocket: iPhone 13 Pro While not my favorite iPhone, it’s fast and …

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What I Use 2021

The updated 2021 list of my gadgets, computers and software I use on a daily basis. Computer: MacBook Pro I continue to use my Mid 2014 MacBook Pro 13″ with an attached 23″ monitor. It’s fast, has crazy long battery life, and works perfectly for doing coding or layout on my book. I have a newer …

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Simple Changes to Secure Apache

Keep Updated You should update your linux settings no less than once a month. This will ensure that you are not running vulnerable technology. Remove Header Details / Disable Tokens When Apache web server generates any web pages or error pages, some important information about the version and other details implemented on the system are …

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Email Etiquette

I love getting jokes from friends through email. It’s a great way to keep in touch and share thoughts and ideas quickly and easily. But not everyone is getting their emails at home, or they may have limited email storage, so here are just a couple of quick tips to make emailing better for everyone!