What I Use 2023

Each year I post what technology I use on the daily. Here’s to 2023!

So without further ado, the list:

Daily Driver: MacBook Air M2

This is hands down the best computer I’ve owned. No fans, superfast, just sooo good >.<

In My Pocket: iPhone 13 Pro

While not my favorite iPhone, it’s fast and has a great camera. I think I’d take the less great camera for a lighter phone.

Bonus: AOC 4k Monitor

USB-C to my monitor = win! 4k goodness <3

Bonus: Doqaus Bluetooth Earphones

Great pair of cheap over-the-ear Bluetooth earphones.

Bonus: iPad Pro

I got this one free when I switched to a new provider for my phone service. Sidecar on the Mac is pretty awesome!

Bonus: Magic Mouse

Still haven’t found a better mouse.

Software and such

  • Browser: Brave – Tired of all the cross site tracking? Brave won’t let you down!
  • Messenger: iMessage –  everyone in my family is on iOS
  • Development: I use VS Code for pretty much everything
  • Email and Productivity: Apple Mail – The latest update for Ventura has all the features I need.

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