What I Use 2021

The updated 2021 list of my gadgets, computers and software I use on a daily basis.

Computer: MacBook Pro

I continue to use my Mid 2014 MacBook Pro 13″ with an attached 23″ monitor. It’s fast, has crazy long battery life, and works perfectly for doing coding or layout on my book. I have a newer MacBook at work, but it’s not as nice.

Smartphone: iPhone 11

Best phone I’ve owned. My old phone was terrible, but it turned out that AT&T is terrible, not the phone.

Tablet: iPad Pro

Great tablet. Bought it used over at swappa.com – must have for gaming!

Apple Magic Mouse

Still using this mouse. No complaints.

Software and such

  • Browser: Safari – Recently switch. Tired of all of the cross site tracking. Facebook is the worst!
  • Messenger: None –  at work we use Slack and for personal I use Hangouts
  • Development: I use VS Code for pretty much everything and Google Chrome for debugging
  • Email and Productivity: I use Spark as my main email client as well as LibreOffice as my word processor. I also use Google Docs for collaboration
  • Security: On the Mac I use Sophos for my Anti-Virus and keep the firewall and ExpressVPN updated and active.

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