The Key of Chaos

Adventure for Wrath & Glory

Location: Planet Ishraq, Corvus Sub-sector

Isharq is a small hiveworld polluted from a millennia of heavy industry. Four primary hive cities once existed planetside. Now only two remain due to their hermetic seals protecting them from the wastes outside.


Lord Astric, the Planetary Governor, has received creditable intelligence of a rare and valuable artifact. Intelligence points to a local gang brokering a sale to an unknown buyer.

As this is an unofficial operation, a small band of mercenaries (the players), is recruited to investigate. The primary objective to recover the artifact. Secondary unmask the buyer.

Intelligence has pinpointed a local gang, the Angels of Ishraq, transporting the artifact for sale to a corporate executive at the Delta Rail Station on the outskirts of Raqcity 7. Its unclear how the gang was able to acquire the artifact. The sale is scheduled to happen at 0900.

PRIVATE: The Artifact is in fact a Dimensional Key. Carved from the thighbones of Daemon Princes, these keys, when placed inside of a dying creature, pierce the veil between the Warp and realspace. Doing so releases an unknown amount of chaos energy said to work as a beacon for unknown entities within the Warp.

The drop ship is standing by to drop the group into the landing pad on level 87 of the sub hive in Raqcity 7. Then they should then proceed to level 90 to intercept the package.

0700 Land Pad 87

After a fast drop from obit, the drop ship descends through the thick industrial clouds, down to the outer doors of the Hive pad. After a quick back and forth with the pilot slides the ship through the outer doors and onto the dimly lit pad. With a subtle hiss the drop ship opens to a deserted pad, the smell of decay and refuse filling the air.

Ways Up

Its up the party on how they want to proceed to the 90th level. There are multiple routes that can be taken: The emergency stair system, the primary lifts, or even private lifts. Each route should take no more than 1 hour. Time is short!

0800 Level 90

This level is different from the levels below. The trash and refuse from common hive life is replaced with gleaming black mirrored facades and spotless thoroughfares.

As the group makes its way towards the rail station a large hover vehicle slides through the streets. Its blue and white coloring, bright against the black glassed walls. Its roof mounted, twin heavy bolters scanning the builds as it passes. Two smaller, nondescript, hover vehicles follow closely behind.

0900 Delta Rail Station

Raised tracks are flanked on either side by seating for easily 100 people. The tracks slightly vibrate and an audible hum hangs in the air.

At the far side of the platform there is a small group of hivers. They’re dressed in bulky floor length mining covers. Each one bulging in unfriendly places. The muddy brown color in contrast to the white wings clearly displayed on their lapels.

As they look around suspiciously, the Blue and White hover craft lands. With a hiss of air, two heavily armed Adeptus Arbites emerge and scan the area with their las-rifles. A large, grotesquely fat, man emerges. He flashes a blinding white smile as a women approaches from the hiver group.

She reaches out a gloved hand, “Lord Juix, we have what you’ve been searching for.”

Its now or never!

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