Open Source Projects and Contributions

My open source projects: These are projects that I’ve given back to the community.

SynergyCMS 06 – Custom Content Management System on SourceForge

SynergyBugs – Very simple ticketing system and bug tracker

Country Data – Data object for getting country data in apps.

StickyForms – A jQuery Plugin for remembering form values

Kohana Paginations – paging module for the PHP Kohana Framework

Contributor to the following open source projects

Kohana Framework (patches/community help/bug reporting)
InstantBird IM Project (patches/community help/bug reporting/UI)
Netbeans IDE Project (patches/community help/bug reporting)
Filezilla FTP Project (patches/community help/bug reporting/UI)
OpenX Project (patches/community help/bug reporting)
PHP Project (patches/community help/bug reporting)