What I Use 2016

Attach5269_20160721_113403The updated 2016 list of my gadgets, computers and software I use on a daily basis.


Computer: MacBook Pro

I continue to use my Mid 2014 MacBook Pro 13″ with an attached 23″ monitor. It’s fast, has crazy long battery life, and works perfectly for doing coding or layout on my book.

Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Best phone I’ve used hands down. Fast, great screen, waterproof and everything just works.

Tablet: Onda 919V Dual Boot

The Onda 919V 3G Air continues to be my go-to tablet. The screen had an issue and it took 6 months to get fixed. I don’t know that I’d recommend it. Save your money and get a Samsung or Apple.

Apple Magic Mouse

Still using this mouse. No complaints.

Ubuntu Servers

Our home server has been replaced with a NAS (network attached storage) solution through the ASUS Nighthawk router. It isn’t as good as the old server, but it works. I’ve moved all of the work stuff on to multiple Ubuntu Servers in the cloud.

Software and such

Browser: Google Chrome – Still going strong. I want to love Safari or Firefox, but Chrome continues to just do a better job.

Messenger: iMessage –  works with Gmail, AOL and Facebook.

Development: I use Netbeans for heavy coding, Atom for UI and Laravel coding and  Google Chrome for debugging

Email and Productivity: I use OSX Mail as my main email client as well as LibreOffice as my word processor. I also use Google Docs for collaboration

Security: On the Mac I use Sophos for my Anti-Virus and keep the firewall and StrongVPN updated and active.