The 10 Best Freeware Apps to Install on a New Windows PC

From time to time I get a wild hair and need to format my computer and really start over with a clean slate. Most recently I’ve done it in order to move from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium (Thanks Microsoft for no Upgrade BTW). Here is the freeware that I installed right off the bat. Honestly you should too.

1. Google Chrome Browser

This is the very first thing I install. It allows me to easily download everything else on the list. Make it the default browser while you’re at it.

2. Microsoft Security Essentials

Best Anti-Virus hands down. Oh and it’s free.

3. 7-Zip

7-Zip integrates into Windows Explorer with a right click and can open any type of archive. It can also create 7zip and zip archives. It’s on my list because the included one in Windows sucks.

4. Mega Codec Pack

Want to be able to play MP4s and strange AVI codecs in Windows Media Player??!? Mega Codec Pack will allow you do to it with one easy installer.

5. Tweetdeck

Connect your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin updates all together with this great program. If you are on Twitter or Facebook it is a must have application.

6. Evernote

I use Evernote for tons of different things. From clipping web sites to taking photos for later recall on my iPhone. It is a great application.

7. Pidgin

Do you have more than one instant messenger user? On both AIM and Yahoo AND MSN?!? Then Pidgin is for you. It allows you to connect all of them together and keep your chats in one simple program

8. CD Burner XP

Burn CDs, ISO files, DVDs. ‘Nuf said.

9. SyncToy

I use this specifically to keep files my hard drive and those on my backup drive in sync. Very easy to use and makes backing up a snap.

10. Paint.NET

Like Photoshop but hate the $808.00 price tag? Then look no further. With many Photoshop features and a great interface this is the way to go for your photo editing needs.