Email Etiquette

I love getting jokes from friends through email. It’s a great way to keep in touch and share thoughts and ideas quickly and easily. But not everyone is getting their emails at home, or they may have limited email storage, so here are just a couple of quick tips to make emailing better for everyone! This is by no means meant to be mean or hurtful to people who send out these emails. These are more or less just ideas to think about.


BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. When you CC everyone on an email you are not only spreading the message but also the list of emails of people who receive it. This can lead to increased spam in everyone’s email box. Not to mention some people may not want their email address shared with the world.


Please, please, please use a subject when sending out emails. Try to use a subject that is descriptive and summarizes the content of you email. Some spam blockers will automatically block emails without a subject.

Chain Letters

No one likes to receive a touching message only to find out that their arms will fall off if they don’t forward the message on to 100 people. Do everyone a favor, remove the threat from the end if it is a good story – or just delete it and end the chain.

Virus Alerts

If you receive an email alerting you to a crazy virus spreading through the interweb, stop! This is more than likely a hoax. Most users have antivirus software on their computer to protect them and don’t need anyone crying wolf.

Obscene Emails

Never forward obscene, racist or offensive emails on. Not only are you telling the world what an insensitive jerk you are, your email could get you fired!


Do not attach any files to emails that are over 200k. This includes, but is not limited to: Videos (WMV, AVI, etc.), large photos, zip files or even executables. If I only have a limited amount of storage on my email account – please don’t fill it up will erroneous stuff. If you are attaching a video, especially one that is funny, try searching for it YouTube and then just sending the link.

Use the BCC option

I know this is a duplicate, it’s just that important.

Ok – so if you have anything to add, please post it below. Oh, and thank you to all of my family who send me jokes, chain letters and videos. Seriously keep it coming it is priceless.