Fate Accelerated

Foul Play in Funland, Scooby Doo Fate Accelerated

This is a game I ran for my kids… just some fun in quarantine! The gang notice that the carnival Funland appears to be operating by itself, so they go to investigate. They soon discover a crazy robot running loose, but when they notify the caretaker, he and his sister rebuff them, convincing the kids […]

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Star Wars Fate Accelerated Ideas

If you have any thoughts or ideas, don’t forget to post a comment in the reply area at the bottom. Approaches Choose your approaches. Approaches are descriptions of how you accomplish tasks. Everyone has the same six approaches: Dexterity – Blaster, Brawling, Running, Dodge, Etc. Knowledge – Alien Races, Planetary Systems, History, Etc. Mechanical –

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FAE Han Solo

I am gearing up to run my kids through a Fate Accelerated game of Star Wars. For the first character that I am creating, I give you Han Solo! Han Solo High Concept: Smuggler with questionable clients Trouble: Hunted by a 50,000 crt bounty by Jabba the Hutt Other Aspects: Captain of the Millenium Falcon. I’m

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