I am always on the look out for a good web developer contracts. I have lots of experience with all different types of web technologies and I work hard to not only develop great products, but do it in an organized and goal oriented way. I work out of my office in Henderson, Nevada.

Some of the technologies I am very familiar with.

  • HTML/CSS/Photoshop – General Graphic Design
  • PHP + OOP/MVC – Zend/CodeIgniter/Kohana/CakePHP/Laravel/.net Frameworks
  • MySQL/Microsoft SQL/SQLite
  • ORM/Active Record systems
  • jQuery and jQueryMobile
  • Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton and other standard CSS frameworks
  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress and Blog Post Optimization
  • Social Integration and Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Secure Video Streaming
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and best practices
  • Google Analytics
  • Development Administration (backups, r-syncs, automations, source control, etc)

How I typically do a contract…

Develop a project plan. This may include multiple milestones and categories, but I always break the work down. This allows for me to easily keep track of feature requests as well as to provide detailed invoices as to what work has been completed.

Hosted development projects. I have access to my own Linux servers to host databases and web sites. This allows for revision releases as well as previews of changes before going live.

Weekly or Monthly invoices. I provide detailed invoices as to what work has been completed in the invoice time-frame.

Availability for meetings. Typically meetings happen over the Internet via phone and/or screen sharing. This allows for me to both see or show the client what is going on. I am also available for meetings with client who are local (Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara) face to face.

Work Hours.  As contracts are target driven, when work gets done is less important than the fact that we hit our deadlines. Deadlines are mutually agreed to before work is begun for said deadline.

Hourly Rate. I do hourly one-off rates, but typically a negotiated rate is used.

To see past projects or my resume, visit:

To contact me now fill out the form below or call 805-931-6526

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