MongoDB Mac Cheat Sheet

Install MongoDB with brew.

To start mongodb:

brew services start mongodb

To stop mongodb if it’s already running:

brew services stop mongodb


Robomongo / Robo 3T

MongoDB Compass


MongoDB Statistics – To get stats about MongoDB server, type the command db.stats()

Currently selected database, use the command db

Databases list, use the command show dbs

Create collection use db.createCollection("mycollection")

View collections show collections

Drop a collection db.COLLECTION_NAME.drop()

Basic syntax of insert() command is as follows − db.COLLECTION_NAME.insert(document)

Query data with find – db.COLLECTION_NAME.find()

To display the results in a formatted way, you can use pretty() method – db.mycol.find().pretty()

Equality	{:}	db.mycol.find({"by":"tutorials point"}).pretty()	where by = 'tutorials point'
Less Than	{:{$lt:}}	db.mycol.find({"likes":{$lt:50}}).pretty()	where likes < 50
Less Than Equals	{:{$lte:}}	db.mycol.find({"likes":{$lte:50}}).pretty()	where likes <= 50
Greater Than	{:{$gt:}}	db.mycol.find({"likes":{$gt:50}}).pretty()	where likes > 50
Greater Than Equals	{:{$gte:}}	db.mycol.find({"likes":{$gte:50}}).pretty()	where likes >= 50
Not Equals	{:{$ne:}}	db.mycol.find({"likes":{$ne:50}}).pretty()	where likes != 50

Data types

MongoDB supports many datatypes. Some of them are:

String − This is the most commonly used datatype to store the data. String in MongoDB must be UTF-8 valid.

Integer − This type is used to store a numerical value. Integer can be 32 bit or 64 bit depending upon your server.

Boolean − This type is used to store a boolean (true/ false) value.

Double − This type is used to store floating point values.

Min/ Max keys − This type is used to compare a value against the lowest and highest BSON elements.

Arrays − This type is used to store arrays or list or multiple values into one key.

Timestamp − ctimestamp. This can be handy for recording when a document has been modified or added.

Object − This datatype is used for embedded documents.

Null − This type is used to store a Null value.

Symbol − This datatype is used identically to a string; however, it’s generally reserved for languages that use a specific symbol type.

Date − This datatype is used to store the current date or time in UNIX time format. You can specify your own date time by creating object of Date and passing day, month, year into it.

Object ID − This datatype is used to store the document’s ID.

Binary data − This datatype is used to store binary data.

Code − This datatype is used to store JavaScript code into the document.

Regular expression − This datatype is used to store regular expression.