Star Wars Fate Accelerated Ideas

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Choose your approaches.

Approaches are descriptions of how you accomplish tasks. Everyone has the same six approaches:

Dexterity – Blaster, Brawling, Running, Dodge, Etc.
Knowledge – Alien Races, Planetary Systems, History, Etc.
Mechanical – Piloting, Navigation, Sensors, Etc.
Perception – Con, Bargain, Command, Persuade, Etc.
Strength – Fighting, Climbing, Stamina, Etc.
Technical – Programming, Droid Repair, Etc.

Each approach is rated with a bonus. Choose one at Good (+3), two at Fair (+2), two at Average (+1), and one at Mediocre (+0).

Force Points

(aka Fate Points) – use to activate aspects +2 to a roll or reroll dice. Each player begins each session with 3 Force Points.

Aspect Types:

Aspect, High Concept: Race + Job + Special Ability

High Concept Examples:

  • Human Smuggler Captain of the YT-1300 “Starshot”
  • Backwater Arrogant Noble with Deep Pockets
  • Rodian Bounty Hunter working for the Hutts
  • Wookiee Brash Co-Pilot of the YT-1300 “Starshot”
  • Twi’lek Failed Jedi Tempted by the Darkside
  • Clone Gambler who has Connections in the Imperium
  • Gungan Martial Artist Outcast by the Gungan Rep Council
  • Dug Podracer who’ll do ANYTHING to win
  • Zabrak Minor Jedi working for a Mysterious Master

Aspect, Trouble: Huts? Bounty Hunters? Wanted?


  • Exiled to Tattooine for revealing the agricultural secrets
  • Tortured and dismantled a fourth of the droid population
  • Imperial experiment burning out the parts of his brain which feel compassion and mercy
  • Has faulty wiring in multiple implants
  • We’re wanted men. I have the death sentence on twelve systems.
  • Having dumped a valuable shipment you now have a bounty on your head.
  • Hunted ex-Stormtrooper who rejected brain washing
  • Obnoxious know-it-all who rubs everyone the wrong way
  • Radical student of a forgotten religion who’s family was killed by the Imperium.
  • Orphan on the Outer Rim planet of Lothal
  • Blinded by a lightsaber strike from a Sith attack
  • Uncompromising hatred towards the Empire

Aspect, Other (choose 3): Special Equipment (armor, weapons, star ships, space ships or speeders), Ties to other characters, Titles or Ranks, Reputations, Obligations or Important past details.

Stunts and the Force:

Players begin with 1 Stunt or Force power. A stunt is a special trait that changes the way an approach works for your character. Generally, stunts give you a bonus (almost always +2) to a certain approach when used with a particular action under specific circumstances.

Force Powers

List includes: lightsaber combat, telekinesis, influence, sixth sense, force jump, remote viewing, or telepathy

Ex: Because I am trained in force jump, I get a +2 when attempting a Strength check involving jumping.

Ex: Because I am trained in force influence, I get a +2 when attempting a Perception check where I am trying to Con or Persuade someone.

Other Stunts: 

Ex: Because I always shoot first, once per session I automatically go first in combat.


Gear is generic items that allows you to use a temporary advantage. Things like blasters, rope, comlinks, medkits, computer, etc. They are disposable and often have limitations when poor results are rolled.

Stormtrooper Armor: +2DF to Defend Physical, +1DF to Defend Energy, -1DF to DEX related rolls

  • Aspect: Sensors
  • Aspect: Environmental
  • Aspect: Comlink
  • Aspect: Utility Belt
  • Availability: Common (with 2 of three systems) +3, Rare with all systems +5

Mandalorian Battle Armor: +2DF to Defend Physical, +1DF to Defend Energy

  • Aspect: Jet Pack
  • Aspect: Wrist Laser
  • Aspect: Sensor
  • Aspect: Environmental
  • Aspect: Comlink
  • Availability: Ultra Rare (+7) with all systems


Step 1. Roll Initiative

Each participant rolls dF + their Perception skill adjustment.

Highest result goes first.

Step 2. Roll to Attack

Once the attacker has chosen a target player, that player (or GM NPC) can choose to take a responsive action. This can be dodging or parrying. The defender rolls dF and add Dexterity. Once a dodge has been rolled that is the target defense number for the rest of the combat round. If they  player does not choose to actively defend, then use the players passive defense: Dexterity

Step 3. Damage

Damage is rolled via weapon type. Roll Dexterity if shooting or Strength if melee and add the weapon bonus. The defender with then roll their Strength plus any armor bonuses. The difference is the damage.

Weapon Damage Examples:

+1dF Holdout Blaster

+2 Heavy Blaster

+1dF Blade

+2 Vibro Blade

+2dF Lightsaber

Step 4. Soaking Damage and Consequences

Once the damage is determined, the defender soaks damage from the attack with either a Stress Box or with a Consequence.

Multiple Actions

Multiple actions result in penalties. For each action beyond the first the player takes a -1 penalty. If the player dodges, then attacks, the attack would be at a penalty -1.

In the event that a player wants to play the round with multiple attacks, these additional actions must be declared before any actions are taken in the round. The exception being dodging which can be declared after an attack.

Stress and Consequences Unchanged From base FAE

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