What I Use 2016

The updated 2016 list of my gadgets, computers and software I use on a daily basis. Computer(s) Computer: MacBook Pro I continue to use my Mid 2014 MacBook Pro 13″ with an attached 23″ monitor. It’s fast, has crazy long battery life, and works perfectly for doing coding or layout on my book. Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge …

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Welcome Laravel!

After much trial and error we’ve selected our future framework for all projects: Laravel! It has great documentation, a good community, lots of plugs and a steady update path. Plus it’s fun to code!

Summernote Image Upload

NOTE: This only applies to Summernote 0.6.* and not to newer versions. $(‘#summernote’).summernote({ height: 850, toolbar: [ [‘style’, [‘fontsize’,’fontname’,’bold’, ‘italic’, ‘underline’, ‘clear’]], [‘color’, [‘color’]], [‘para’, [‘ul’, ‘ol’, ‘paragraph’,’hr’,’link’,’picture’]], [‘src’,[‘fullscreen’,’codeview’]] ], onImageUpload: function(files, editor, welEditable) { sendFile(files[0], editor, welEditable); } }); function sendFile(file, editor, welEditable) { data = new FormData(); data.append(“file”, file); $.ajax({ data: data, type: …

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Connecting to Ubuntu Servers With RSA Keys

I manage a bunch of internal servers and for those that aren’t part of the wider web I like to use key pairs to speed up my sign ins and maintenance. Key-Based SSH Logins Key-based authentication is the most secure mode of authentication usable with OpenSSH. Key-based authentication has several advantages over password authentication, for example …

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Leodescapes.com Relaunched

Leod Escapes is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in International motorcycle tours with “Track Time”. That means sport touring the best curvy roads for week and riding a proper sport bike on a famous race course. Leod Escapes pioneered the concept of “Track & Tour” and each year we seek to …

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Aloha Goodbye Kohana Framework

It’s with a heavy heart that we must begin to phase out Kohana Framework from our projects. We will be migrating all current project and all future projects to a newer, more supported framework. That is all. Alan

Simple Changes to Secure Apache

Keep Updated You should update your linux settings no less than once a month. This will ensure that you are not running vulnerable technology. Remove Header Details / Disable Tokens When Apache web server generates any web pages or error pages, some important information about the version and other details implemented on the system are …

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