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As you enter the Ryder Tavern a frantic man pushes past the group. His tattooed face unsettling as he darts out the door into the night. Tires squeal as a dark sedan accelerates just as the tattooed man jumps into the car. He turns and let’s off two wild gunshots in your direction. On the back windshield of the car you can clearly see a large vinyl sticker advertising – I was saved at the Church of the Stars.

When: Tuesday September 13 8:30PM PDT

Where: Roll20.net

This game is going to be using Fate Core rules. After we play this first session then we can discuss, as a group, the schedule going forward. Please choose a pregenerated character from the list below and then, click here and tell me why you’d make a kick ass addition to the game (have you played fate? which RPGs? Other character ideas?).

  • Nurse Suzan – Nurse practitioner at Saint Mary’s Hospital who is on suspension for questionable ethics.
  • Samuel Gilliard – Paranoid Private Investigator who knows what lurks in the darkness
  • Professor Hillthorn – Eccentric Ancient Languages professor who’s searching for his missing teaching assistant.
  • Nora Manning – Curious Socialite who dabbles in the occult magic
  • Dr. Fredrick Loren – Selfless psychologist who has been privy to many dark secrets
  • Becky Linn – Stripper turned forensic lab tech who has troubling premonitions
  • Doc Robins – Small town coroner whos fiance has gone missing
  • Bob Shmickel – Nerdy entomologist studying at the Miskatonic university.
  • John Slade – Part-time clerk at the Psychic Eye Bookstore
  • Mike Brown – Suspended police officer with a severe gambling problem

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